Parking Directions: #201-1508-8th St SW

You can access the parkade from 15th Ave. SW on the South side of the avenue. There is a big green parking sign overhead for the underground parking. You will stop at the machine that leads into the parkade and press the small round button in order to provide you with a ticket. Take the ticket, the door will open up and you can proceed down into the parkade and you can park in any of the stalls that say hourly parking. Bring the ticket with you when you come up to the office as we will be paying for your parking. The height of the parkade is 6 feet 6 inches.


There are 2 elevators to reach us from the parkade. The elevator that brings you directly outside our office door is accessed from the west end of the parkade where it says London Drugs entryway. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor and it will open in front of our office doors.


The 2nd elevator to reach our office you will see straight across from where you drive into the parkade. It is marked pay station. In this elevator go to the 2nd floor by pressing (2R) and follow the signs on your right.


From the street you can access us from the stairs located on 8th street just left of London Drugs doorway or by elevator that is inside London Drugs front door. You will see an elevator on the right side of their entryway that takes you to our office door on the 2nd floor.

A 3rd way to reach us from the street is an elevator at the back of Tim Horton’s restaurant (located South of our building). You take the elevator to the 2nd floor, cross the walkway, turn left and follow the signs. There is a small set of stairs to take after the walkway.

Hope these directions will help you. If you get lost just call us at 403-244-4867 and we will come looking for you.